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Wendy Treacey

About Wendy Treacey

To market and sell businesses, Wendy feels it is important to get to know her vendors, to understand their business and their aims, and to attain the best possible outcome for her vendors, and endeavour to secure the right buyers thus ensuring the best result for all parties.

It is an exciting, emotional, and sometimes stressful time taking a business opportunity to the market, it’s a big decision for any business owner. Wendy likes to ensure her clients are comfortable with all aspects of the selling process. 


Wendy is passionate about building strong relationships with her clients, providing support and guidance through the challenges of and buying or selling a business.


Wendy has extensive experience selling businesses and is a Licensed Business Broker and Real Estate Agent specializing in the eCommerce businesses together with hospitality and a variety of other industries including franchises.

Her goal is to achieve the successful and timely sale of each vendors business.

Having owned several hospitality businesses Wendy has first-hand experience in operating and managing a variety of enterprises including cafes, a UK hotel, and a pub in London, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality industry.

eCommerce has become an industry of particular interest for Wendy having recently sold two such business in four months. And looking for more!

Wendy F Treacey